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GeChic 1101P Unboxing- How does it look like inside the box?

If you've been deciding whether to buy a GeChic 1101P 11.6" Field Monitor, let this article give you all the details you need to know before making that purchase.

What's In the Box:

- Monitor and Monitor Cover Stand

- HDMI Cable

- USB Cable

- Mini HDMI Cable

- 5V-2A Adapter

- Tripod Kit

First let's introduce all the accessories:

Use the HDMI cable with your laptop, playstation, xbox, mac mini, and all other devices.

Use the MIni-HDMI Cable to connect the monitor to your camera. Please note the input of your camera when selecting the type of cable.

The USB cable must be used for power. We recommend plugging both the USB cables in a portable battery pack for maximum power. A 5V-2A adapter could also be used to plug the USB cable into a wall socket. One USB cable is enough at times; however, we recommend two.

The cover stand comes at three different angles, adjustable using a magnetic strip.

Ports on the side of the monitor. An HDMI, VGA, MiniDP port allows this monitor to connect to all your devices and minimizes the need for adapters.

The Tripod Kit allows you to hook the monitor onto your camera (see below) or you can screw it on a tripod.

Only two cables are needed for the monitor. HDMI (for image) and USB cable (for power). In the photo below, an adapter is used (micro HDMI to HDMI) to connect the HDMI cable to the screen. Some cameras may have a micro HDMI input or mini HDMI input; therefore it is important to check your camera first and purchase any adapters (if needed).

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