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Gechic 1102E 11.6 inch FHD 1080p Portable Monitor with HDMI & VGA Video inputs, USB Powered, Plug&Play, Ultralight and Slim, Built-in Speakers, Rear Docking Expansion Port …, Black


Plug & Play

However you want


With ultra-light design, GeChic 1102E has only 490g in weight and 1.1 cm in thickness. Put the monitor into bag easily by just one hand, and experience the lightness even when going outdoors on business! Requiring ultra-low power consumption, 1.7A input, GeChic 1102E can be simply powered on by a power bank. For various display demands, GeChic 1102E supports both VGA and HDMI video inputs and plug & play with laptops, mini PCs or equipment in factories, machine rooms. The monitor is the best helper for a business trip! 


Natural Fine Image Quality

Presented to you

Equipped with a 16:9, high-quality panel, the 11.6” monitor presents superior high-definition image quality with FHD native resolution and 16.7 million colors. The adoption of IPS-FFS technology offers a wide viewing angle of 178° and delivers high brightness, vibrant detail, crystal-clear image quality, and consistent color from any viewing position!


High Contrast Ratio


Wide Viewing Angles

Color Depth


Extraordinary Classic Black


The appearance of GeChic 1102E adopts Matt Paint. The dark blue front and black back of the monitor reveals calming and luxurious texture, which makes GeChic 1102E harmoniously match with the color & texture of PCs, mobile phones or game consoles. The appearance of the monitor can be fully integrated into the overall design of industrial machines, equipment in machine rooms or commercial terminal devices in an unconventional style.

Horizontal & Vertical Display

Protective cover stand not only doubles as protective cover but also supports monitor in both horizontal and vertical orientation.


Increase viewing comfort


Built-in OSD menu for customizing brightness, contrast, color mode, RGB…etc. ensure a more comfortable viewing experience for you. Especially, the " Blue Light Reduction" function protects your eye health strictly. 


Extensive Expandability

Makes a simple AiO Machine


Rear dock port expansion


Provides you the connectivity on the back side of GeChic 1102E and keeps your total solution simpler

*Rear Dock is an optional accessory

The 1102 Multi-Mount Kit offers 3-step stand and VESA 75 mounting holes for hanging on a mini PC, Raspberry Pi and other computing system

*1102 Multi-Mount Kit is an optional accessory


The perfect way to hide cables


With 30pin expansion port on the back of the monitor merges both HDMI video and USB power signal in one, just plug the Dock Port Cable at the back of the monitor to perfectly hide the cables from the side, making the front of the monitor simple and tidy at a counter, meeting room, and thus get rid of messy cords


Ultra-low power consumption


GeChic 1102E's power demand is only 1.7A which can be easily charged by connecting to laptop’s USB port or power bank. For the engineers who need to move from one spot to another constantly, they don’t need to carry around a heavy portable battery anymore for using an external field monitor


Space saver-1102 Multi-Mount Kit


1102 Multi-Mount Kit is more than a stand. Fasten the 1102E into the monitor tray, and use the VESA 75 holes at the back to fix the 1102E on a monitor arm or VESA desk stand, offering a more flexible and ergonomic way for viewing and configuration.

*1102 Multi-Mount Kit is an optional accessory 






Proprietary HDMI-A and USB-A to dock port cable(1.2m / 2m)

For connecting the monitor from

the back port with HDMI and USB


Rear Dock

Connecting Dongles ,Wireless, or Computer Stick to the back port




Multi-Mount Kit

Supports VESA 75 interface,  you can set up 4 viewing angles by screwing the bracing plate on or install 1102E on monitor arm or wall mount



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