GeChic M505E 15.6" Portable Monitor

FHD 1920 X 1080 HDMI & USB Type-C inputs

Support HDMI Daisy-Chaining, No more messy wires

Powerful and simple with foldable design

M505E is designed in foldable clamshell that combines the screen and I/O docking base with hinges. The I/O base integrates the functions of input/output ports, OSD buttons, and monitor stand to provide a slim and clean look of the front display area. The stepless stand supports from 40° to 85° viewing angles

Cords behind, out of sight

HDMI, USB Type-C and DC-IN ports are located on the I/O base, which can perfectly hide the wiring behind the monitor. No messy wires when performing system integration and embedded application!

With industry-standard HDMI-A connectors behind, the installation becomes simple and fast.


Multiple monitors looping

The best conference room partner

M503E supports HDMI daisy chain function. Receiving the video and audio signals from a PC or laptop through HDMI input port, and transmitting the images to the second monitor through HDMI output port.

When setting up a conferencing system, you no longer need to use a HDMI splitter!

 M505E can be looped up to 14 units at one time for participants to clearly watch the presentation slides.

Enjoy your own gaming space

The HDMI IN and HDMI OUT ports on the monitor can connect two displays in a game console. Use Dual monitors to play two-player Nintendo Switch games and no longer to collide with each other while playing motion sensing games. Play your strengths in front of their respective monitors!

※M505E does not support USB Type-C power output so it cannot be connected to Switch console via USB Type-C. Please connect it to HDMI port on Nintendo Switch dock.


Switch Easily between Dual Audio and Video Interfaces

In addition to the HDMI input interface, GeChic M505E is equipped with USB Type-C port, which supports audio and video input from MacBook, iPad or Surface Pro/Surface laptop.

You can also enjoy a larger phone screen with Samsung Note9/Note10 or S9/S10 via a single USB Type-C cable!

Quick switch with One Click Only

Just one click, switch images of the two devices by input source hotkey

Support VESA 100 Wall Mount & Monitor Arms

VESA 100 aluminum alloy bracket (optional accessory) for M505E is a high-strength tray, made of aluminum alloy, which can be locked to VESA wall mounts, monitor arms/stand, and strengthen the monitor structure at the same time for better safety when moving or turning. VESA Mount support provides flexible space configuration and angle adjustment functions.

Digital signage

Make it as an information display by attaching it to the VESA wall mount

Medical cart

Locked on the nursing trolly for mobility

Production Line in Factory

Ultra-saving space-embedded in production line equipment

Server rack

Securely fixed to the cabinet/rack

Horizontal & Vertical Display

Browse webpages, PDF documents, reports and coding intuitively in portrait mode to hit your stride!

※M505E does not support USB Type-C power output so it cannot be connected to Switch console via USB Type-C. Please connect it to HDMI port on Nintendo Switch dock.

Protect your monitor in style

The slim sleeve allows you to carry M505E everywhere.



Set up a Dual Monitor with the M505E

Duplicate Game Screen on M505E

Switch M505E between iPhone & MacBook Air

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