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Exclusive Backing for M16 Monitor

This proprietary M16 VESA 75 Bracket can be locked on the back of M16 series monitor and mounted to all kinds of VESA Stand/wall mount, achieving multi-screen configurations in office, home, exhibition, counter, or machine room.

● Suitable for M161H portable monitor
● High strength aluminum alloy material
● Standard VESA 75×75mm screw pattern
● Applicable to VESA 75 monitor arms, wall mounts, desktop stands
● With a 1/4" screw hole for tripod, quick release plate, quick release seat
● Compatible with T1S2 Desktop Stand
● Great for commercial space, exhibition hall, office/home space

*Monitor arm is not included in the package.

Product Name
M16 VESA 75 Aluminum Alloy Bracket




aluminum alloy


Screw(M4 x 6.5mm) *8 pcs

On Lap M16 Proprietary kit includes 4 VESA 75 screw holes. It can be applied to VESA 75 arm or wall mount.

VESA 75 Standard Holes

Compatible for Various Mounts


Wall Mount

Monitor Arm

T1S2 Stand


Wall Mount

It can be used for a multimedia signage to display information and advertisements in exhibition or public space. The M16's super-narrow bezel minimalist design makes the display even more immersive.

Monitor Arm

The monitor arm is a popular choice for elevating monitors, not only does it allow for more desktop space, but it also offers flexibility to switch horizontal or vertical display!

T1S2 Desktop Stand

The monitor can be raised the height of 11cm with T1S2 Stand to elevate the angles. Supporting 360° rotation and two-way flipping, T1S2 stand brings a flexible and comfortable experience at a counter or work table.

High Strength & Lightness

The bracket is made of aluminum alloy with integrated structure and is only 206g in weight, making it easy to attach and detach. The bracket can enhance the strength of the monitor on the wall mount/arm, allowing you to hold both sides of the bracket to move the monitor and adjust the viewing angle.


Solid Screw Holes


Fine-textured matte black surface


Secure the monitor for adjusting the angles confidently

Ingenious Design to Hide Every Cable

The M16 monitor with rear cable connection allows you to tuck the cables cleverly into the space between the bracket and the monitor. Pass through the hole at the bottom of the aluminum alloy bracket, and then route the cables into the slot of the monitor arm.


1/4" Universal Screw Hole

The M16 VESA 75 bracket equips a 1/4" screw hole at the bottom for setting up on a camera tripod, quick release plate or quick release seat. After connecting the camera and M16 monitor, you are able to watch the camera recording instantly on M16's 16.1" big screen and effortlessly capturing the details of your shots.

Set up a Camera Monitor Easily

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