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GeChic 1503A 15.6" Portable  Monitor

HD 1366x768 with HDMI, VGA input, USB powered

Ultra-light, Weight 1.79lbs, Built-in Speakers, Rear Docking

Do you usually use two monitors (or more) in the office and need a second monitor when you're working at a coffeeshop or on the go? If so, GeChic 1503A is the perfect monitor for you. Designed to be portable, this 15.6" monitor starts up in seconds with its plug and play feature. No driver installation is needed. Designed for maximum flexibility and portability, GeChic 1503A is a lightweight monitor with HDMI and VGA Inputs allowing you to use this portable monitor with your laptop, game console, camera, smartphone, mini PC, or other devices. 

The narrow Bezel and lightweight design. 1503A is a versatile portable monitor hands down. 812 ultra-light weight makes it easy to carry in your laptop bag. You can have your duel screen setup from your office or studio anywhere. 


1366 x768


TN Panel

Low power consumption 

Input current rating 1.5A

Slim Size

11mm thick

space-saving and easy-carrying

Narrow Bezel

15.6”active area 

Stylish, slim and slight


Color Setting

Press OSD buttons to adjust 6 colors separately or select 5 color modes

USB Type C

Equipped with USB-C power cable─ reversible plug for 1503


Built-in Stereo speakers  and earphone jack for voice output

VESA 100

Support VESA 100 and variable way to set up with multi-mount kit

OSD Buttons


- OSD color setting
OSD color setting offers not only five patterns of color adjustment but also 6 colors settings separately. The flexibility of color setting helps you to calibrate dual monitors for the best color uniformity.



☑Laptop                      ☑Smartphone                     ☑mini PC
☑Desktop PC                ☑Raspberry Pi                     ☑TV Stick
☑Game Console            ☑Compute Stick                  ☑TV box


*Please make sure the devices support HDMI or VGA output; Resolution Supported refer to the 1503A specification. 

- Multiple Connections



Audio jack


Rear Dock, Expand connectivity of your portable monitor!


Not just slim and light, portable monitor can also have great expandability.
 The 1503 equips the unique Rear Dock to combine the power, signal and system connection together into the rear side. Tailored to your various purposes, you can combine 1503A with laptop, gaming console, mini-PC, compute stick and wireless display adapter.  Multiple applications from one monitor!

Side port  Cables, Easy to reach and connect


Adopts lately USB-C for reversible plug. Supports HDMI and VGA proprietary video cable.


Rear port  HDMI & USB. Shared Cable


The connector of 30 pins helps to hide the cables behind the monitor. Connecting HDMI-A & USB-A to dock port cable on the rear port of 1503A and your device to have a clean workspace.


Rear port +  Unique Rear Dock,

All in One with Computer stick


The unique Rear Dock integrated power and signal transmission to 1503A. Plug the Rear Dock to the Rear port and insert a Compute stick. 1503A turns into a mini system in seconds.Likewise, inserting a HDMI wireless display adapter or TV stick can create a unique wireless entertainment center!

Vertical & Horizontal

A Flexible Detachable Stand

GeChic upgrades the Cover Stand to “Detachable Stand”. With this flexible design, you can set 1503A in landscape or portrait display.

Double your Productivity with GeChic Portable Monitor


Do you need to compae different versions of a design, test in multiple browsers, and work from one image or design to another? Multiple screens can dramatically boost your productivity.

With GeChic 1503A plug and play feature, a dual screen set up is very easy and really won't take you more than 10 seconds!

OSD Color Setting

Tuning Colors of dual monitors


The 1503A with OSD color setting offers five patterns of color adjustment and can also adjust 6 colors settings separately. The flexibility of color setting helps you calibrate your portable monitors for the best color uniformity to your device.



Rigid Protective Cover

The 1503A is outfit with a proprietary  
protective cover whose thickness and hardness is upgraded, It helps 1503A for bearing the external impact and protects the fragile panel while in a baggage or suitcases.

Exclusive all in one


By connecting Intel® Compute Stick to Rear Dock of On-Lap 1503A, you can set up a small portable All in one computer , just like a 15”tablet PC.

Power Supply Attachment


To become a real mobile monitor, Rear Dock is designed with magnet part. Stick a metal plate on your 5V-2A output power bank then you can attach the power bank on Rear Dock to start up 1503A speedily!

Vertical & Horizontal

A Flexible Detachable Stand


To view the screen at different angles, GeChic upgrades the Cover Stand to “Detachable Stand”. With this flexible design, you can set 1503A up in landscape or portrait display mode in a minute.

Wireless media sharing with ease


Connecting Chromebox or Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter with 1503A, you can share movie, music and TV shows from smartphones or laptop simultaneously. Wireless transmission allows you to watch your favorite show anywhere.

Versatile Multi-Mount Kit


●  VESA 100 Wall Mount/ Arm
There are six screw holes on Multi-Mount Kit which provides higher and lower position of VESA100 to mount 1503A monitor on wall mount or arm which makes the layout adjustable and space-efficient


●  Mount on Tripod
The 1/4”screw hole on the bottom of multi-Mount Kit allows photographers to install 1503A on tripod by screw it on camera cradle head.


●  Low Angle Stand
A magnetic stand included is suitable for different VESA positions─ 25°、40°、75° viewing angle. It even satisfies lower angle for writing and drawing.


*Multi-mount kit is optional accessory.


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