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Dual monitor for Mac Mini and MacBook

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GeChic portable monitors are compatible with Apple products including Mac Mini and MacBook.

Use the portable monitor as a secondary screen for video editing or multitasking. 


With ultra-light and slim design, GeChic portable monitors are easy to carry.

FAQ Support

1. Do I need to install drivers to connect the monitor?

No. All our portable monitors are "Plug & Play". So, you just need to plug in the screen and start using it. No driver installation is required.

2. Do I need to turn it on or it turns on automatically?

No. Once you connect the cables, the display will work automatically. You do not need to press the button on. If the display does not work, you should turn it on automatically.

To turn off the display, press the OFF button or unplug the portable display. Turn off the display, press the power off button or unplug the portable monitor.

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