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Light Weight Monitor for Mac Mini

When Apple created the Mac Mini, they intended for you to be able to access the Mac experience wherever you go using the small 7.7" box. All you needed to do was to find a display, keyboard, and mouse and you were all set to go.

gechic 1303h with mac mini

If you've been using the Mac Mini as a small PC and bringing it around with you on the go- coffee shops, vacation, meetings- then it would make sense for you to bring a portable display as well. In the article below, we recommend the best GeChic portable monitor suited for this purpose.

GeChic 1303H 13.3" Portable Monitor

4 Reasons why you should buy it for your Mac Mini

#1 Displays colors up to 1920 x 1080 Full HD

GeChic 1303H is one of the few 1080p portable monitors out on the market. GeChic manufactures high end display monitors so you can view your documents, photos, play video games with the best quality image.

Users have even commented on the resolution and color of the screen saying "same color rendition as my MacBook Pro retina screen".

Why spend so much buying a mac Mini and use a portable monitor with a poor resolution. Upgrade yours to a 1080p display!

#2 Lightweight Monitor Weighs Only 1.3lbs

This monitor weighs less than 1.3 lbs, even lighter than the new iPad Pro. This monitor was designed for people who work on the go and need a light monitor to take with them.

#3 Multiple Connections

Not only can you connect this monitor to your Mac Mini, you can connect this monitor to all your other devices: MacBook Pro, Playstation, Xbox, Camera, and smartphones.

#4 Easy to Take Wherever You Go

This 13.3" portable monitor could fit into most 13.3" and 15.6" laptop bags making it easy to take whever you go. The cover stand that is included with the monitor doubles as a stand (supports 3 angles) and protects the monitor as well.

Interested in finding more about GeChic 1303H? Check out the product details here:

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