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The 10 Best Portable Monitor Setups

We asked our customers to share with us their epic portable monitor setups and we have chosen the 10 best photos to share.

Japanese anime designer @yoshikadu2010 gives a glimpse of his workplace which features 5 monitors (two of them GeChic's- GeChic 1302 and 1303H).

Anthonysecco shares with his Instagram followers his mobile command center which features an IBM Thinkpad with two GeChic 1303H portable monitors clipped to the side.

Michael @michael496 has a GeChic 1303i hooked up to his sound system. Way to go Michael for setting this up! He's even got the touch functions working.

This hospital in the US has hooked up a GeChic 1502i with their professional looking system to monitor some charts and data.

User has 3 monitors- two he uses for editing and the other he uses to watch GTA. That white monitor he's using as a output screen is a GeChic 2501C 15.6" portable monitor.

Man Yong Lee shares her DIY PC set up which features a raspberry pi, Logitech K400r keyboard and GeChic 1302 portable monitor (discontinued). See upgraded model GeChic 1303H.

According to Man Yong Lee "If you need a portable secondary monitor, this certainly fits the bill. When I first unboxed it, I was completely amazed at how thin and compact it is. Video quality is decent, though I prefer its brightness turned up to 85%. I use this monitor in portrait mode so I can read PDFs. It draws power from 5v/1A USB, so you can use standard USB AC adaptors and batteries if you're connecting it to a camera, MHL-enabled smartphone, or Raspberry Pi."

Instagram user @kennethvadset also has a GeChic 1002 portable monitor connected to his sound system. Seems like this type of set up is quite popular with @avidtechnology.

This twitter user is a big fan of our products and has bought almost ever single GeChic portable monitor model on the market. That's 4 monitors connected to his Macbook. There's [from left to right] GeChic 1303H, 1502i, 1002, 1302 (discontinued).

In this small video studio set up (below), a lady is using a GeChic 1303H as a field monitor to take a video selfie? If you're ever filming solo, use a field monitor to see how you (on the camera) look like!

Japanese user of the GeChic 1502i has hooked the monitor to himself creating a live, moving, advertisement monitor. Maybe we will see more of these type of ads in the future.

Do you have a portable monitor set up you would like to share? Tweet us with a photo @Gechic_USA or Facebook us and we'll send you a monitor bag (black)!

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