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GeChic 1303i 13.3" Touchscreen Monitor Available for PreOrders

GeChic’s newest 13.3” portable touchscreen monitor (GeChic 1303i) introduced at CES 2015 is now available to preorder. The first ship out date will be May 20th with free shipping for all Canada and USA orders.

Similar to its sister models, GeChic 1303H (the non-touchscreen version), this new 10-point multi-capacitive touch monitor is a 1920 x 1080 IPS wide viewing panel in a razor thin 0.4" cabin with a black bezel.

GeChic’s newer models are tailored to make life easier for their customers and they have included more proprietory ports at the side of the monitor. You can connect the monitor via HDMI, VGA, and MiniDisplay ports.

All GeChic monitors use real video input, different from the standard portable monitor on the market using DisplayLink software to grab video from the host’s USB port. This allows users to be able to connect this portable monitor to all your devices, including cameras, smartphones, game consoles and not only limited to laptops.

Design and Features

Weighing only 1.9 pounds and measuring 13.5" x 8.9" x 0.4" (W x H x T), GeChic 1303i is relatively light to carry around, and acts as a great second monitor to your Windows laptop. It comes with a protective aluminum cover that doubles as a protective cover or as a stand when you mount it on a table (3 different angles).

Using the monitor is relatively easy as there are only two cables to be connected. One is the USB cable, which connects to your laptop’s USB port (for power), and the HDMI cable, plugged into your laptop’s HDMI port. For laptops with only VGA output, you can use the VGA/USB cable (sold separately). This monitor is also tailored for MacBook users with only MiniDisplay inputs- there is a Minidisplay to micro USB cable that is sold separately as well. Users no longer need to use an HDMI to MiniDisplay adapter.

For users of the monitor and are looking to connect the monitor to other devices, they could connect the USB cable to a battery pack (7800mAh and above) instead of using the laptop’s power supply. The battery pack could power the monitor for approximately 5-6 hours, depending on the usage.

GeChic 1303 series offers color adjustment and customized settings. Other than the color temperature, users could optimize five different color effects: standard, game, movie, photo, vivid using the small buttons on the other side of the black bezel. In the standard mode hue and saturation could also be adjusted in different colors (Red/Blue/Green/Cyan/Yellow/Magenta).

The different settings is tailored for graphic designers who like travelling and working on the road and need a monitor that could display accurate colors to edit images and videos on Photoshop or After Effects.

This 13.3” 1080p display with HD resolution and 16.7 million true color (brightness 300 nit) can accurately represent the quality of pictures. The monitor can be viewed straight on and has a viewing angle of 178 degrees left to right, 178 degrees top to down. This is optimal for gamers, when two or more are looking at the screen at once.

Note that the touchscreen functions on the monitor are only compatible with Windows laptops (Windows certified). The touch functions will not work with smartphones or other devices.

Applications for this monitor:

  • Graphic designers who need touchscreen functions for drawing and designing

  • Windows/MacBook laptop users

  • Gamers who game on the go

  • Digital signage to be used at a convention for exhibitors to make a presentation to their customers with touchscreen display

  • Photographers who need a larger DSLR field monitor (see 1303H Vesa Kit)

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