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5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your GeChic 2501C Monitor

1. Better Resolution

GeChic 2501H includes a new IPS panel offering a vivid 1920 x 1080 resolution for image clarity and precision. The resolution is a huge jump from the original 1366 x 768 resolution GeChic 2501C offers. Along with the full HD resolution, GeChic 2501H comes with 262k colors. Viewing the monitor with the correct color depth is especially important for photo and video editing.

2. Wider Viewing Angle

Ever play Xbox or Playstation with GeChic 2501C with a friend and realize you can’t see the screen? GeChic 2501H offers 160 degrees viewing angle, which allows more than two players to view the screen for optimal game play.

3. Brighter Display

Brightness for GeChic 2501H is at 250cd/m2 and 200cd/m2 for GeChic 2501C. This difference will affect the resolution of the monitor under different lightning settings. In addition, GeChic 2501H allows you to adjust the color temperature and color effect suited to your own preference (red/blue/green/cyan/yellow/magenta settings).

4. No More Fussing About A Dirty Monitor

If you’re a clean freak such as I am, any sort of pen mark or smudge on the white bezel of the 2501C monitor will feel like it’s the end of the world. Having a black monitor makes it less susceptible to getting dirty- probably because you can’t see the dirty marks anyway.

5. The Lighter Of The Two

GeChic 2501H is slightly lighter than GeChic 2501C by approximately 0.2lbs. This ensures the new monitor won’t add any extra weight to your bag.

To learn more about GeChic 2501H, click here

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