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Three-Way Versatility

For both Horizontal & Vertical Views 
Key to Unlock Efficient Productivity

14" M141E Portable Monitor

Featuring a 16:10 display panel with a high resolution of 1920x1200, the M141E is the perfect professional companion for viewing A4 documents! With its innovative quick-release stand design, it can be easily set up in three versatile display modes: 0°/90°/270°, allowing you to effortlessly switch between landscape and portrait orientations, as well as adjust the height to define your exclusive viewing angle. So you can be comfortable and effective at the same time!


Broaden Your Horizons
Smaller Size, Bigger Screen

Next-generation form factor design with smaller and lighter size, but larger display area at the same time. Remain slim and lightweight design for handheld, and with a narrow bezel to create an immersive viewing experience which expands your area.


Supporting both horizontal and vertical display modes, you can turn the monitor as vertical when opening word processing software, PDF files, or other apps with vertical layouts ! The 14-inch 16:10 display panel of M141E brings  a near edge-to-edge display that is closer to the actual A4 size paper, presenting an immersive viewing experience.

M141E_3-A4compare1 (1).png

Vividly Presenting A4-Size Document

16:10 Golden Ratio

16:10 vs 16:9


Ultimate Aesthetics
with Symmetrical Design

The width of the monitor bezel is consistent on both sides, creating a symmetrical and harmonious appearance when rotating horizontally.


To be Horizontal or Vertical
Be Free

The monitor stand can be folded at any time, making it easy to carry around. The stand can also be effortless to set up for both horizontal and vertical mode.


With Screen Rotation Hotkey
Turn in One Second

When connecting to a Windows 10/11 PC with M141E as the main screen, the Intel® shortcut key quickly changes the display orientation with a single press.

Capture Every Detail in Your Exquisite Journey

With a 14-inch 1920x1200 resolution, this display offers both fine image quality and easy-to-read text. The carefully selected 1:1200 high contrast panel delivers vibrant visuals and sharp details. Its 178°(H)/178°(V) wide viewing angle, combined with a matte surface treatment, significantly reduces the interference of ambient light sources. There is no color distortion even when setting up multiple monitors, allowing for an ultimate visual feast!

M141E resolution.JPG
M141E screen.JPG

HDMI & USB Type-C Dual Video Interface

Extreme Focus with Immersive Field of View

GeChic M141E has Micro HDMI and USB Type-C (DP Alt Mode) audio and video input interfaces. It can connect to the HDMI port of a regular laptop and the USB Type-C port of MacBook series (Thunderbolt 3), Surface series, and high-end laptops with one cable. The device is equipped with the most popular video interfaces, freeing you from using redundant adapters and allowing you to switch between various devices with ease!

*Notice! The M141E does not come with built-in speakers or a headphone jack for audio output. Therefore, audio must be played through the connected device, such as a laptop.

m141e_5-io port1(en).jpg
m141e_5-io port2(en).jpg

6W Ultra-Low Power Consumption

Ready at Any Time


The M141E monitor only requires 5V 1.2A of power, so bulky adapters are unnecessary. You can activate the monitor using a laptop's USB-A port or a power bank. Its ultra-low power consumption feature allows laptops to maintain long battery life even with dual monitors. Whether you're attending meetings or traveling for work, this monitor's powerful mobility and flexible power supply make it ready to accompany you to face any challenge!


Quick Release Stand II
My Direction, My Decision


The monitor has three quick-release slots at the back that can be used with the Quick Release Stand II. It allows for flexible switching between horizontal and vertical positions with three display orientation settings at 0°/90°/270° angles which allows for flexible switching between 
horizontal and vertical positions . Additionally, it allows for stepless angle adjustment to suit viewing needs. The stand can be folded and attached to the back of the monitor for easy carrying.


Landscape View

Portrait View

The Quick Release Stand uses a robust iron pivot and has non-slip pads at the base to ensure stable positioning at any angle.


◀ Operating the monitor buttons is easy, whether it's in horizontal or vertical mode. In horizontal mode, the buttons are on top, and cables can be inserted or removed from the side. In vertical mode, the buttons are accessible from either the left or right side, and cables can be inserted or removed from above or below. The monitor is designed to be user-friendly in any orientation.

All-Round Considerations:

Height | Viewing Angle | Direction


Eliminate the unwieldy VESA monitor stand and simplify installation! The M1S4 stand (optional) allows for effortless setup of multiple monitors. Position the M141E above the laptop, stacking the dual monitors to improve your viewing angle. Easily adjust the height to a comfortable position, whether sitting or standing, and say goodbye to hunching or straining your neck. Insert the monitor into the stand vertically. Lift it approximately 10cm~20cm off the desk. This will allow you to adjust the viewing height and angle for better visibility when working with reports, programming, and more!

M1S4 Quick-Release Lift Stand

Customized Multi-Screen Setup





Horizontal and Vertical Combos

Always Matching with Your Large Monitor

To improve your work, consider using dual monitors in both vertical and horizontal orientations when opening coding windows or A4-size documents. This will allow for better display and organisation of your work. When turned vertically, the height of the M141E is consistent with a 24-inch screen. Get rid of the super-sized, bulky vertical monitor and naturally extend the displaying area. The consistent height makes viewing and dragging windows smoother and more comfortable!


*M141E monitor should be installed to M1S4 Stand(Optional) firstly.

Support VESA 75

Even Wall Mount can be Quickly Released

This is a new breakthrough in wall-mountable monitors! The M1 series now comes with a specially designed Quick-Release Wall Mount Plate (VESA 75) (optional) for wall or monitor arm mounting. By inserting an M1 monitor into the quick-release plug on the wall mount plate, users can easily set up both horizontal and vertical modes. This makes it perfect for use in factories, commercial spaces, and offices, providing flexibility for changing viewing angles. The quick-release feature allows for easy release while maintaining flexibility.


Storage Sleeve
Instant to Go in Safe

The M141E portable monitor includes a soft fabric sleeve for easy storage. The sleeve has a thick layer on one side to protect the fragile screen panel from impact. This allows you to easily slip the M141E into your briefcase or backpack and take it with you on the go!

M1 Series Comparison


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M141E 14-inch Portable Monitor Introduction 

How to Set Up M141E Monitor with M1S4 Lifting Stand
Horizontal &Vertical Display

M141E Monitor VESA Arm/ Wall Mount
with Quick Release Plate(VESA 75)

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