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One for All
With Touch Functionality & Charging Capability

One for All

Touch Functionality & Charging Capability

15.6" M505I Portable Touchscreen Monitor

M505I, the super nova in the market of portable touchscreen monitor, which leverages on the strength of ten-point capacitive touch, USB Type-C & HDMI dual video interfaces, 45W PD fast charging, and multiple functions to build up a strong second monitor with sensitive touch functionality while powering the host device. Combining solid, deft and foldable design, M505I is easy to be adjusted to the desired viewing angles, and to be carried in a bag. The add-on USB-A port allows to expand to USB drive, wireless keyboard and mouse to build up a high-end workstation, which makes complicated tasks to be done more easily.


FHD 1080P Full Color

Capacitive Touch

Wide-Viewing Angles

USB Type-C Charging

USB-A Expansion Port

Built-in 1.5W Speakers

Dual Video Interfaces

151A3 Folding Sleeve

Connect More Possibilities with
USB Type-C & HDMI Dual Interfaces

M505I is equipped with, HDMI and USB Type-C, two video input interfaces. Windows laptops or Android phones with USB Type-C (DP Alt Mode) output can connect to M505I by a single USB-C cable to deliver video and touch signals. Besides, HDMI laptop, Mini PC and single board computer can transmit touch and video signals to M505I by connecting the USB cable and the HDMI cable. The monitor with dual input interfaces is just capable to support an array of devices without limitations!

螢幕擷取畫面 2023-01-12 172820.jpg


Power Indicator





Volume Up

Power On/Off

Volume Down


Input Source/ Exit

*When connecting to laptops, mobile phones, etc. through USB Type-C, the USB Type-C port on the device must support DisplayPort Alt Mode video output.

45W PD Fast Charging Station
for USB-C Devices


The USB Type-C port on M505I not only supports USB Type-C (DP Alt) delivery, but also 45W USB-PD fast charging, which can fast charge PD compatible devices including Nintendo Switch, Surface Laptop, MacBook Pro, Smartphone, and iPad Pro. For instance, it only takes about 2.4 hours to charge Samsung Note 9 to 100%.

螢幕擷取畫面 2023-01-12 173911.jpg

Expand USB-A to Build a Mobile Workstation

Build a convenient mobile workstation by using the USB-A port on the M505I as an extended port for the USB-C device to connect to the device like a mouse, a wireless mouse & keyboard receiver, a USB drive, a USB microphone, or a smart card reader, etc.! In addition, the USB-A port can output power for charging devices. HDMI wireless display adapter or compute stick can be easily powered by the nearby port, allowing an easier and more flexible way of connection!


USB-A Port



Flash Drive


Card Reader


*When connecting devices to USB-A port, M505I should be connected to the included 65W PD power adapter, otherwise the monitor may flicker or not operate normally due to insufficient power.
*The laptop must be connected to the M505I via USB-C in order to read or use the device that connect to the USB-A port.

Capacitive Touch Panel
for Accurate & Intuitive Operation

M505I adopts capacitive touch technology. The surface is covered with a layer of 7H high hardness touch glass, and supports Windows 11/10 and ten-point touch gestures. When meeting with customers at a cafe, even without a mouse, you can simply use fingers to operate the screen smoothly or use a stylus to easily sign electronic documents!



Responsive Touch

Tidy Back Wiring
Boosts Your Mood

Say goodbye to the messy desk! A tidy desk keeps you in a good mood. M505I locates HDMI, USB Type-C, charging port, USB-A and other interfaces on the back of the I/O base, which makes the wires perfectly hidden in the back, keeping a neat desk anytime.


Setup dual monitors seamlessly side by side. Cords never stuck between the monitor, instead, matching the cables easily at the back.


Foldable Design
Leaves More Space

The M505I adopts a foldable design, with a strong hinge to stably support the monitor and the I/O base. When setting up on the desk, it can provide 40° - 85° angles for viewing and manipulating. When you need to store it or take it out, just fold the base up to easily close up the monitor

Stepless Angle

螢幕擷取畫面 2023-01-12 175524.jpg

Close the I/O base and insert the cable into the slot on the base along the back of the screen, so that the cable stays flat on the back of the screen without protruding from the base. The screen with cable connected is only 2cm thick, which simplifies the embedded solution.


Folding Sleeve
for Stable Low Angle

The included 15A3 folding sleeve is with two-in-one design. It is not only a stand, but also a protective sleeve! Remember to cover the foldable sleeve on the monitor to provide protection when carrying the screen! By folding it into a triangle, it can stably support the touch monitor for use at a low angle of 10 degrees, which is suitable for manipulating or signing while standing.


Protective Sleeve

Scratch protection

Touch Monitor Stand

Low angle is more stable

Laptop Riser

A little higher and cozier


Support VESA 100
Wall Mount & Monitor Arms

VESA 100 aluminum alloy bracket(optional) for M505 series is a high-strength tray, made of aluminum alloy, which can be locked to VESA wall mounts, monitor arms/stand, and strengthen the monitor structure for using more safely while moving or turning. Provide flexible space configuration and angle adjustment functions.


T1S2 Desktop Stand
Solid & Multi-Angle

One-forming desktop stand is equipped with VESA hole patterns and a reliable, non-slip base. The stand solidly raises the monitor at the height of 15.9cm for viewing and tapping. The 360° hinge supports both landscape and portrait viewing angles, and offers wide range of tilting angles from 90° to 247°, which always makes you at the optimal view!

*M505 series monitors should be installed to M505 VESA 100 Aluminum Alloy Bracket(optional) firstly.














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