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Versatile Design Breaks the Ordinary​​

16.1" M161H Portable Monitor

With its ultra-slim 7mm comfort, M161H portable monitor opens up amazing new horizons for mobile workers. Featuring a Full HD wide-angle true-color panel and an ultra-narrow bezel design, M161H presents sharp, delicate and vivid images and brings you a feast for your senses! The unique quick-release stand is compact and stable, allowing the monitor to be adjusted in a seamless manner to fulfill the viewing angle you want.


Ultra-Narrow Bezel
Makes a Big Difference

With a 16.1-inch wide viewing angle panel, M161H offers a larger display area while keeping a compact body. Adopting the narrower 7mm bezel, M161H gives a wider and borderless vision to fully release your inspiration!


Immersive, Blooming
Beautiful Display

The 1080P high-definition, high-brightness and true-color panel brings true-to-life images, and the non-glare matte surface greatly reduces the interference of ambient light. M161H authentically presents vivid and fine-detailed images, allowing you to enjoy the richness and details of images. Whether watching movies or reading texts, you can immerse yourself in it without stress.


Color Gamut


Contrast Ratio

Eye Care


Extremely Lightweight
Slim and Portable

Marrying 16.1-inch big screen and lightweight design, you can easily take the powerful portable monitor anywhere you go without any hassle!




HDMI & USB Type-C Dual Video Interfaces

Multi Devices Plug & Watch

The M161H features both HDMI-A and USB Type-C (DP Alt Mode) video input interfaces, allowing you to connect to the HDMI port of a regular laptops, as well as the USB Type-C port of a MacBook series Thunderbolt 3, Surface series and other high-end laptops. The dual video interfaces support multiple devices and elimiante the need for connecting additional adapters.


HDMI & USB Type-C Dual Video Interfaces

Dual Monitor
Expand an Efficient Workstation Anytime

Just use one cable to connect with the USB-C port on laptop for plug & play anytime! When working from home or in a cafe, you can also have dual monitor to improve your efficiency. The expanded dual-screen desktop saves time from frequent Apps switching, improves concentration, and keeps your mind free of distractions!

*The USB Type-C port of laptop must support DisplayPort Alternate mode to output audio and video signals.

M161H-Back-(Top Hole)2.png
M161H-Back-(Top Hole).png

Fold it!

Quick-Release Stand for

Impeccable Angle Control

Two quick-release ports are equipped on the back of M161 portable monitor. The unique quick-release stand offers two assembly options, allowing you change the viewing angles from 0° to 80°. No matter sitting or standing, users can change to the ideal viewing angles by the stepless stand.


The quick release stand is with compact design and adopts sturdy iron spindle with a non-slip pad, allowing the monitor to stand firmly at every angle!


Rear Port Design

Smart Hidden Cabling for Simplicity

The M161H arranges HDMI-A, USB Type-C and other I/O ports at the back, so you don't have to tidy up the cables to keep the front display clean and clear. Free from wiring, the monitor can also be seamlessly aligned with the laptop, allowing the viewer to switch between multiple screens without obstruction.


VESA 75 Aluminum Alloy Bracket
Facile and Adaptable

After securing the lightweight and strong M16 VESA 75 Aluminum Alloy Bracket (optional) onto the back of the monitor, you may install M161H to a wall mount, monitor arm, T1S2 desktop stand (optional) or camera tripod. Not only is it easy to use for personal, commercial, office and other applications, but the bracket also offers stable solid fitting and flexible angle adjustment!


Wall Mount

Monitor Arm

T1S2 Stand



Storage Sleeve
Instant to Go in Safe

The M161H portable monitor comes with its own sleeve, a simple envelope folder made of soft fabric texture for intuitive and easy monitor storage. The thick layer on one side protects the fragile screen panel from impact, so you can slip M161H into your briefcase or backpack and take it with you on the go!


*Notice! The display area of the monitor shall be placed with the front side facing the thick layer to protect the screen and prevent the panel from breaking.

M1S4 Quick Release Lift Stand

Get rid of Shoulder & Neck pain

When the external monitor is placed above the laptop, the stacked dual screens allow you to raise the eyesight, no longer need to shrug your shoulders and neck, naturally stretch your body to enjoy an immersive experience like in the cockpit mode. M1S4 stand also can be adjusted to the most suitable height and angle for standing. Allow the screen to match your sitting or standing habits, making it easy and stress-free even when you work long hours.


Quick Mounting and Unmounting
Flexible adjustment


Insert quick-release plug of M1S4 stand into the Quick-release port of M161H monitor to mount up the monitor firmly in seconds. When you need to carry the screen, you can remove it easily by pressing the quick release button.

Depending on your sitting posture and height, the M1S4 Stand can be adjusted between 20° forward and 50° backward, allowing you to view easily without color cast either sitting or standing.

Insert quick-release plug of M1S4 stand into the Quick-release port of M161H monitor to mount up the monitor firmly in seconds. When you need to carry the screen, you can remove it easily by pressing the quick release button.




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