Tom's Hardware Review compares GeChic On-Lap 1502i with AOC usb monitor.

Tom's Hardware Review compares GeChic On-Lap 1502i with AOC usb monitor.

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In this report Tom's hardware review run different test and compare the results of 1502i and other monitors.

Here are some highlights from the review.

GeChic has always been a niche company, creating interesting products for enthusiasts looking for unique technology. While the adoption of Windows 8 has been relatively slow, it's one of those companies answering the call with touchscreens ready to support the new OS. This tech doesn’t come cheap, and the On-Lap 1502I is a perfect example. At $400, it will set you back almost as much as an iPad.

With the On-Lap 1502I, GeChic raises the bar not only with touchscreen support, but also a decent IPS panel at its core. Grayscale and gamma performance are impressive, as is the inclusion of calibration controls. Overall brightness and contrast are also improved.

The On-Lap’s versatility is certainly a positive in its favor. You can connect just about anything to it, even an analog source. And power can come either from your computer’s USB port or a wall plug. There’s no battery, but the 1502I is slimmer and lighter as a result. We’re also impressed with the full complement of accessories included. All the necessary cables come bundled, along with a very nice stand. The only thing you might purchase separately is a VESA mount.

Download here

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