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Best Portable monitor in the market 15.6” 1080p with touch screen

By Dollabill, "Portable Monitor 1502i"

It's bright! It fits in my 17" laptop bag! It's light weight! The stand is nice and sturdy! It's easy to set up! Shipping was fast and arrived as promised!

I travel about 75% of the month and only having one monitor on the road, while using two at home, was a major PITA (Pain In The A**). Thanks to GeChic, my single-screen-while-away-from-home issue has been resolved. I did hours of research to decide which monitor was right for me and I landed on the GeChic1502I. The 1080 was a must for me and I did not want to lug around a 20-22" monitor. The price was a little steep for me, but I'm glad I purchased it. This additional monitor will be a huge time saver for me as I prepare reports for work. I use it with my Dell Windows laptop and it works great! I don't have Windows8, so the touch screen is a bonus for when I upgrade my OS.

I challenge anyone to find a better (portable) monitor on the market. When you purchase your GeChic1502I, I hope you love it as much as I do.

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