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Gamer Girl and Tech Addict with Portable Monitor

by - Julie K. "Portable Monitor 1302"

"I am a gamer girl and tech addict, love to LAN with my friends and broadcast my gameplay on, and do alot of multitasking..(web browsing, opening lots of software required for broadcasting, do some of my work at home, etc) I've been researching several portable monitors that would best suit my traveling and working needs and I've found GeChic the best for me, because I wanted a portable monitor that would attach to my laptop with sturdiness and ease.

Originally I wanted to get the Gechic 1301.. but I got impatient and got the Gechic 1302 instead.. it works wonderfully, just like a new desktop monitor. I love how it has sturdy stand bricks to help hold the monitor up on a desk.. but mostly, I LOVE how it can attach to my laptop. It doesn't seem flimsy at all, when attached. I worried about the sticker attachments not being able to hold it.. but I was proven wrong. I have no complaints about it yet, but if I find anything, I will update this review.

Compared to the GeChic 1301, the Gechic 1302 doesn't have the option to attach the monitor to the left side of my laptop. It can be attached to the left side.. but then the monitor would have to be flipped upside down and the wires need to be routed and bundled together nicely to make the wires not be all over the place.

A cool case would be nice, but it does have a cover/pocket to put into, which isn't the problem when packing it with my laptop in my Swiss laptop bag.

I would recommend this product over other current portable monitors. "

Julie K. “portable monitor 1302”

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