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Great Companion with your Travelling Laptop and WD Live Box

by - Mark R. newegg.con “portable monitor 1302”

"Wow, this even better than it sounds! Much better looking in person. Great Resolution for size. I just got this last night and stayed up for three hours only so that I could see how awesome it works and to be able to test the mount kit on my traveling laptop.

I watched a blue-ray movie on it and it was better than the color on the screen of the laptop. Very vibrant colors and crisp video resolution as my home laptop with the 17.3 inch screen. Mount kit comes with 6 extra sticky pads too. Only three are needed to secure the mount to the back of the laptop screen. I have a 15.6 screen on my dell, and the resolution is perfect for this side-kick screen. Was super simple to connect to the laptop. My kit came with two cable sets, one for HDMI and one for VGA connection (which none of my laptop have anyway).

I am eager to test this on my WD Live box. It has two USB ports, one for a drive and I am interested in seeing if the other is enough to drive this screen, if so, it becomes the perfect portable video system. Just have to add speakers to the WD Live box's output. "

Mark R. newegg.con “portable monitor 1302”


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