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No room for second monitor?

by - Zachary L. “portable monitor 1302”

" I got this because I needed something I could actually attach to the side of my laptop, as I normally use it places where I don't have space to prop up a second monitor, i.e. my lap. It works really well, and I couldn't be happier with it.

One important thing to note about this monitor is that it ISN'T a USB monitor. On USB monitors, the monitor gets its video input over USB. These monitors generally have very poor refresh rates and are unsuitable for videos or games, only for documents and such. This monitor gets its video over HDMI, and only uses USB for power.

Additionally: If the back of your laptop isn't completely flat, the included adhesive might not be enough to hold the monitor. I used some Scotch 20 pound mounting tape and now it's not going anywhere "

by Zachary L. “portable monitor 1302”

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