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Use a 2nd Monitor as the Primary Screen for Your Netbook

by - Shad A. “portable monitor 1302”

"I have a 12.1" netbook so this monitor is actually larger than my main screen so I end up using this as a primary screen often with an external mouse and sometimes even a bluetooth keyboard.

As a second screen for use while traveling, it is perfect and has great video quality. Some people have complained that the VGA cable has had some syncing issues but I cannot comment on that since I have only used the HDMI. This seems to work better than some of the other USB-only "DisplayLink" monitors out there. As an added bonus, I can use this for my phone and tablet in addition to the laptop since those are not DisplayLink-capable but have provisions for HDMI output (tablet is direct, phone is with an MHL adapter)

Bottom line: Quite possibly the best portable travel second screen setup there is; very light/very thin. "

-by Shad A. “portable monitor 1302”

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