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Additional accessory for GeChic 1303H: Camera Vesa Kit

Additional accessory for GeChic 1303H: Camera Vesa Kit


A new camera Vesa Kit for 1303H will be available at the beginning of April – an accessory that every photographer or cinematopher must have.

The Vesa Kit involves a sturdier aluminum case with magnetic strips front and back with screws (for added protective) to keep the 1303H monitor it place to be installed on the Vesa arm or wall.


Photographers and Cinematophers wishing to use GeChic 1303H as a DSLR monitor could take advantage of the 1/4 inch screw hole at the bottom of the new case allowing it to be screwed onto a camera tripod. This allows users to look at the screen from a higher vantage point rather than setting it on the table or holding it.


Included in the package are two 2.1m long cables for a longer extension. Longer cables make it easier for the monitor to be secured from the wall mount or arm and to the power source.

Micro USB (male)- USB power cable (male) x1

Micro HDMI (male)- HDMI cable (male) x 1

Optional accessory: Micro-HDMI (male) to HDMI cable (male) is available upon request:

The 1303H Vesa Kit will be available on Amazon from early April 2014.

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