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Discontinuation of GeChic 2501B and Introduction of GeChic 2501BP

GeChic 2501B Discontinuation and Introduction of GeChic 2501BP


GeChic has stopped all production of GeChic 2501B since December 2013, the 15.6” portable monitor with a built-in battery. This model was the only display monitor sold by GeChic that included a built-in battery. The other models manufactured by GeChic all need an external power source, from your laptop, battery pack or 5V-2A power adapter.

There are a limited number of GeChic 2501B still available on Amazon, Newegg; but once they are sold out, it’s all gone.

As a replacement, users wanting to look for something similar to GeChic 2501B could take advantage of GeChic 2501BP, which stands for “Battery Pack”.

GeChic2501BP (4).jpg

Inside this bundle, it includes a GeChic 2501C 15.6” portable monitor with a 7800mAh battery pack. A 7800 mAh battery bank is enough to power the monitor for 7-8 hours, depending on the usage.

GeChic 2501BP (2).jpg

The selling price for GeChic 2501BP is $259.99, but users could take advantage of the product launch deal for $239.99, $20 off the original selling price if you enter coupon code DVWYKI8U at checkout.

Tip: 7800mAh comes with two USB ports, perfect for the GeChic double-ended USB cable. One USB cable is enough to power the monitor; however if users are running programs or watching videos that require high CPU power, plugging two USB cables into the ports is highly recommended to prevent the monitor from flicking.

GeChic2501BP (5).jpg

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