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New portable monitor & gadgets introduced at Computex 2015

If you were unable to attend Asia’s largest electronics trade show or find the GeChic booth at Computex 2015 held in Taipei, here is a brief run down on some of the things you missed:

Newest 11.1” monitor?

This new monitor, GeChic 1101, is set to launch sometime at the end of 2015. The GeChic 1101 will feature a 1080p IPS panel display, which will be the approximate size of your tablet. Now why would you need something like this you may ask? Remember, all portable monitors can connect to all devices via HDMI, VGA, and MiniDisplay. So besides using this as a secondary monitor for a laptop, this portable screen could be used as a bigger field monitor for cameras or a monitor for your game console.

The target audience for this miniature monitor would be store owners who want a small display monitor for digital signage. Camera users and videographers who also want a small 11.1” field monitor would also want this for their professional cameras.

A 2501C upgrade?

GeChic is planning on introducing an upgrade of their best selling 15.6” portable screen, GeChic 2501C, to a better 1080p IPS panel. This monitor will be known as GeChic 2501H (with H symbolizing High Definition). The IPS panel will offer 178 degree wide angle view perfect for two people to view the screen at once.

The inputs on the side of the monitor look exactly the same as the older version with a HDMI and VGA-in port.

Viewing angle is 178 degrees left and right, up and down.

Camera users will be happy about the next gadget…

As a popular demand by customers looking for a way to hook a GeChic HDMI portable monitor onto a tripod, GeChic is planning a new 1303H kit, which involves two metal pieces, one that acts as the handle bar and is connected to the backside of the monitor. The second piece encases the tripod and is attached to the handle bar and ensures it remains in place.

The gadget is made out of a soft form of metal, which allows users to adjust the monitor at different angles when filming.

The camera metal plate without the monitor.

The monitor case will have this extra piece that will be used to hook onto the camera metal plate.

These items will be available later on in the year. To be the first to know about the launch dates, subscribe to our email newsletter or follow us on our social media channels:

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