How To Install A Touch Driver On Your GeChic Touchscreen Monitor

September 23, 2015


If you're looking to install USB touch device driver on the Linux platform, follow the instructions below:


Files used in the installation: 







Step 1: Install USB Driver

Step 1-1: Add USB information to “hid_blacklist” or “hid_have_special_driver“ data member in “drivers/hid/hid-core.c” file

  • 0x0006 and 0x0010 : touch device BL mode of PID

  • PID(0x0006) and (0x0010) must be added.

  • VID and PID of On-Lap monitors

    • VID: 0x222A

    • PID of GeChic 1502i and GeChic 1002: 0x001C

    • PID of GeChic 1303i: 0x0088

Example of On-Lap1502i and On-Lap1002

{ HID_USB_DEVICE(0x222A,0x001C) },

{ HID_USB_DEVICE(0x222A,0x0006) },

{ HID_USB_DEVICE(0x222A,0x0010) },


Example of On-Lap1303i

{ HID_USB_DEVICE(0x222A,0x0088) },

{ HID_USB_DEVICE(0x222A,0x0006) },

{ HID_USB_DEVICE(0x222A,0x0010) },


Step 1-2: Confirm hid driver code VID and PID whether to keep a consistent


 *Red circled area in the image above: For GeChic 1502i and 1002: change to 0x001C

*Red circled area in the image above: For GeChic 1303i: change to 0x0088

Step 1-3: Copy “ilitek_lumv3_8_0.c” to “drivers/input/” folder

Step 1-4: Copy “usbhid.h” and “ilitek.h” to “drivers/hid/” folder

Step 1-5: Append “obj-$(CONFIG_INPUT_ILITEK_TOUCH) += ilitek_lumv3.X.X..o” to “drivers/hid/Makefile” file

Step 1-6: Append “config INPUT_ILITEK_TOUCH” tristate “ILITEK USB touch screen driver”   to “drivers/hid/Kconfig” file


Step 1-7: Make Kernel configuration by keying the command: make menuconfig 

Step 1-8: Change “Device Drivers”→”HID Devices” →”Special HID drivers” →”ILITEK USB touch screen driver” state as ‘*’ state

Step 1-9: Exit the menu configuration and save the configuration you have changed.

Step 1-10: Rebuild Linux Kernel


Step 2: Changing Device Permission

•Step 2-1:  Add “chmod 0777 /dev/ilitek_ctrl” to “init.rc” file

•Step 2-2: Rebuild Android project


Step 3: Add idc file for Android


Step 3-1: Put ilitek_hid.idc file to “/system/usr/idc/” folder of Android

Note: Android system may mistake GeChic 1502 USB touch monitor as a mouse or other HID products if the IDC file is not added.



If you have any questions or concerns regarding the installation, email us at

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