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All new GeChic 2501H available for preorders

The long awaited GeChic 2501H introduced at Computex 2015 earlier this year has just launched in USA and Canada at a special pre-order price of $375 USD.

GeChic 2501H 15.6" Portable Monitor with HDMi, VGA Inputs

This black bezel monitor is the upgraded version of the older GeChic 2501C. Although they look alike, the 2501H offers even better features such as an IPS wide viewing panel, 1080p resolution, and is much lighter.

A lighter monitor makes it easier for travel and to bring when working outside at a coffeeshop.

Here are some of the features of the new monitor:

Thin & Light

Designed to be ultra thin (0.5”) and ultra light, 2501H is easy to carry while traveling. The monitor weighs only 1.72lbs and 2.28lbs with the cover.

160 degree wide viewing angle

With 262k colors, sharper images, and vibrant colors, GeChic 2501H offers a 160-degree wide viewing angle left to right, up and down. This IPS display allows two or more people to view the monitor at ease.

Full HD Resolution

One of the few 1080p portable monitors on the market, GeChic 2501H allows you to edit your images or videos with the right colors and clarity.

60Hz Refresh Rate with plug and play

With a 60Hz refresh rate, you will find there are virtually no lags on this portable monitor. No driver installations are needed to use this monitor; simply plug it in and use it right away.

Multiple ports for multiple connections

Connect this monitor to all your devices using the HDMi and VGA inputs

Touch Buttons

The touchscreen buttons on the side of the monitor allow you to adjust the colors/brightness of the screen.

Pre-Order Information

Pre-Order Period: Begins October 23, 2015

Pre-Order Special Price: $375

First Ship Out Date is November 6

Pre-Order your GeChic 2501H today and receive a 15.6" protective sleeve (black) along with the monitor with free USA/ Canada shipping.

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