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GeChic 1503H Review- A monitor sports specifications you’re looking for!

Everyone loves multi-screen setups, be that for gaming purpose or for more work-space on desktop. And Gechic is a brand dedicated to bring consumers the best portable screens that you can attach to your primary monitor or laptop or other devices to achieve those results.

Gechic might be a new name to our readers, however they have been producing these portable screens for about 7 years now. And today, we are going to take a look at the Gechic 1503H On-Lap portable monitor.

The Gechic 1503H On-Lap Portable Monitor is a 15.6 inch 1080P IPS screen. The screen to body ratio may not be the best feature about this monitor however the wide bezels are there to house 2x 1w speakers at the top, and 1x audio port, 1x microHDMI port, 1x microVGA port and 1x USB Type-C port on the left.

One of the best feature about this monitor is that it doesn’t require any special type of cable to power it on. You can power up the Gechic 1503H using the 2x USB ports from your laptop, PC, powerbank or USB charging adaptors. It only requires 2x 5v2.4amp USB inputs at max. And if you’re wondering “But the monitor only has 1x USB Type-C port”, then, Gechic 1503H comes with a 2x USB 2.0 into USB Type-C cable so you’re good. There monitor also has some features like a dedicated port for various purpose at rear, a magnetic stand for vertical and horizontal positions, navigation buttons and various display settings.

Even though the 1503H doesn’t require any special cables other than the ones provided with the monitor, there are some other accessories that you can buy for the monitor for maximum customization. Gechic is also selling a few different adapters to make the 1503H work with devices that doesn’t have HDMI port. There’s also a proprietary cable for the monitor that installs at the back of the monitor. And Gechic is also selling a rear docking port for Compute and TV sticks. And there’s also a mounting tool available for the monitor.

Gechic was kind enough to send us the proprietary cable and the rear dock along with the monitor, so let’s check them out in the unboxing video below.

Gechic 1503H On-Lap Portable Monitor Unboxing:

Using Gechic 1503H as a secondary Gaming Monitor:

User Experience & Conclusion:

So I’ve been using the Gechic 1503H On-Lap portable monitor for a long while now. And as a reviewer/content writer, having a second screen for a wider workspace is always welcome and is sometimes a necessity. The Gechic 1503H does not only gives you a wider work-space, but it also gives you the portability to connect it to any device anytime as long as you can provide it enough juice via USB ports. So whenever I’m tired of sitting on my chair for using the PC, I could just take out the monitor, go to bed and attach it to my laptop and continue working from there and still have that extra work-space of 1920×1080 pixels.

Other than that, this isn’t just any generic screen with only brightness adjustment option. The Gechic 1503H comes with a wide variety of screen settings you can play around with. And the best settings for me for the Gechic 1503H was setting the brightness to 50% and having the color effect set to vivid. The word itself is self-explanatory, it makes the screen look more lifelike with attractive and exciting colors which is good for attention when you’re doing something as boring as writing 2000 word articles. And not only that, the screen may be only 15.6″ in size but it’s a 1080P 60Hz screen. So it packs a lot of pixels in that small form factor.

However there are some things that I would like to see improved in a revision of the screen or next Gechic models. The first being the bezels, which are huge on the 1503H. Now the Gechic 1503H is also advertised as a portable gaming monitor, but having those huge bezels just ruin the overall experience of surround sound. It is understandable when you consider that they had to implement the ports for input and the port at the back and the speakers at top, but the annoying bezel size is still there. Secondly, the on-screen speakers aren’t the very best for a medium sized room. Given the screen’s low input rating, that much was pretty expected, but luckily, the screen also comes with a 3.5mm audio port. So even if you find the screen lacking in terms of audio quality, you can still connect an audio device for better audio experience. And we all know, we won’t even be needing that when it’s connected to a Laptop or PC.

So let’s talk about who this screen is targeted towards. At a whooping price tag of $349.99, yes exactly; the screen surely is not for average consumer. As an average user is better off with a larger screen with higher resolution and refresh rate in the same price range. This screen is targeted towards those, who need portability with their screen. It’s targeted towards those who needs another screen on the go and don’t want to bring their humongous screen with them. So in short, the screen is targeted towards those content writers, programmers, developers, troubleshooters etc. who needs a screen or another pair of screen that they can move around or pack alongside their laptops.

Let’s consider a scenario with a blogger, a programmer or a developer. In case of blogger, they can be editing their article on one screen and have multiple sources for their news pieces open on another. In case of programmer, they can be writing their programs on one screen and executing/debugging or finding solutions on another screen. And in case of a developer or video editors, they can be working on their projects on one screen and see the results in real-time on another. So this is basically for those users, who needs more work-space and the availability whenever they need. Which, in case of standard size monitor, isn’t always possible.

And when it comes to troubleshooters or PC repair centers, this can save a lot of time and energy. And it’s not only limited to PC’s and Laptop, since it takes input from an HDMI cable, you can connect almost anything that has an HDMI port to it. And you can have at least 3 devices connected to the monitor at a time. And one of its best feature is the slim design, so you can bring it alongside your laptop in the same backpack.

So let’s conclude the review now. As mentioned before, the monitor is listed on Amazon for about $349.99 which just doesn’t make any sense at all for a 15.6″ 1080P 60Hz screen. But when we break it down to what it has to offer and what it actually is, it actually does seem like a good option. But then again, there’s always competition wherever you go. And if you’re looking to buy a portable screen for only your PC or Laptop, then there’s a few models available in the market that utilizes only a USB 3.0 or Type-C port for display and power, and costs about as half as the Gechic 1503H. But if you must absolutely need the HDMI cable option, then I’ve only come across Gechic that provides such monitors. And not only that, but compared to the USB monitors, it also provides you with the option of being connected to 3 devices at once and then there’s the rear docking station and various other cable adapter options.

It’s a bit difficult to conclude this review since this is a very niche product and boils down to what a user is after. And being at $349.99 already, purchasing the proprietary cable and the rear dock for an extra $29.99+89.99 if you may require seems like a bit much. As far as what’s this product is targeted towards, I feel like it should be good enough to fulfill those requirements. There’s one thing I can say, If the Gechic 1503H sports the specifications you’re looking for, you won’t be disappointed with it in person, as long as you’re willing to pay the premium price. A lower price tag would have done a lot of good for the product. So, in the end, I would like to rate the monitor a 4.5 stars out of 5 stars and give it our Editor’s Choice Award.

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