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5 Cool Ways to use your Portable Monitor

We have always said you could connect our portable monitor to all your devices. Our customers have literally taken that into heart and found different devices to connect the monitor to.

Here are some pictures from our customers that have WOWed us.

Connected to Some Very Pro Hospital Equipment

A hospital in New Zealand shared with us their GeChic 1502i hooked up to one of their equipment. It seems like it’s integrated in the whole machine as a monitor that summarizes a lot of data.

The More Portable Monitors, The Better

Another user in Japan decided one portable monitor wasn’t enough for his MacBook, he decided to hook up four different GeChic portable monitors. We’re not sure what he uses each monitor for, but it seems like he’s one busy person! We really appreciate the enthusiasm and the loyalty to our products.

A Very High-Tech Usage

Senaptec recently built a sensory evaluation station designed to assess the visual and sensory skills of human performance. A GeChic 1303H monitor is connected to a larger display using a Vesa Kit. These two screens are used for evaluation of 10 skills to help identify areas for improvement. If you're interested in this function, you can check out their evaluation station here:

A Montior to See All

An Amazon customer decided to hook up their portable monitor to a security DVR for surveillance. According to her, this monitor sits inside the command center closet and is a great replacement for a huge monitor.

A Portable Monitor Used for Promotional Purposes

A customer from Japan decided to be creative one day and use the GeChic 1502i monitor as a promotional screen. We’re guessing he used the Vesa 100 Kit and somehow strapped it around his body using some buckles. What a great way to do some creative marketing- have a jogger run around the neighborhood with an interactive display on his back. The monitor is touchscreen too.

Do you have a creative application for our portable monitor you would like to share?

Comment below or send us picture that will WOW us on our Twitter (@GeChic_USA) or Facebook channel ( and we will send you a protective sleeve (valued at $19.99).

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